The Common Ground We Share

Important new research shows that the people of the UK share a common progressive vision.

Research | 17.10.22

Common Ground are an important Sheffield-based campaign to help draw attention to the common ground that citizens of the UK share. As they are argue, the UK is a far more progressive country than its election results suggest.

Their ground-breaking report is out now. Here is what they say:

Our report turns the received wisdom that Britain is a conservative country on its head.

The majority of British people support bold, transformative policies.

We researched the problems facing our society, people’s concerns about those problems, and people’s support for the possible solutions.

We then filtered the solutions to find those with more than 65% support from progressive voters *and* more than 50% of overall public support.

Our study has, in effect, created a “People’s Manifesto”.

This manifesto shows that Britain is a progressive country crying out for transformational change.

The British public is tired of the status quo and is demanding bold solutions to the crises we face.

The Common Ground analysis includes 1800+ pieces of data on the problems we face, the concerns we have and the solutions we prefer - with 250+ common ground policies identified in total. For example:

They have made their data tables freely available for others to use here. 

The full report is available to read here: