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The Art of Facilitation - October 2018

Find out how facilitating self-help can transform our approach to community change.

Join Varun Vidyarthi at the Open University in Milton Keynes for a free seminar on Wednesday 10th October at 12:30 – 2:00pm.

Varun is Citizen Network’s coordinator in India and has pioneered the process of self-help and capacity building in India, transforming people’s lives through his work with Manavodaya.

The self-help movement, that has touched the lives of more than eighty million families in rural India, is based on a process of facilitation which centres around raising the individual and collective consciousness of people. The process leads to collective capacity for self management among people’s organisations that brings sustainable social transformation in their lives. The key to success lies in integrated capacity building of facilitators – combining information and skills with values and attitudes.

Varun believes that the art of facilitation needs greater understanding and application for the meaningful transformation of people’s lives. The lessons learned apply not only to development institutions working in low income regions of the world. They apply to all of us who wish to become facilitators of meaningful and sustainable social change in communities North or South, privileged or oppressed.

The roadmap begins inside each of us.

To register to attend please visit: Eventbrite

Varun will also be speaking at an evening event with Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology on Thursday 11th October in London, 6:00 – 9:30pm.

Finally, on Friday 12th October, Varun will be speaking at a workshop hosted by Learning Disability England, please email Mariana for more information.