Survey on Universal Credit

Unite the union is examining the impact of Universal Credit on working people and people not in work.

Action | 20.06.19

Unite the union is running a survey to find out people’s experience of Universal Credit. 

This is the first time a trade union has looked at the impact of Universal Credit on working people, as well as those who are not in work. Unite the union will present evidence from the survey to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to highlight the difficulties their members face.

From next year the DWP will start the process of transferring a further three million existing claimants onto Universal Credit. At the moment the DWP are spending £250,000 on promotional advertising claiming Universal Credit is a great new benefit that helps people back into work. 

Unite the union's survey is based on people’s real experience and counters the DWP propaganda.

Here are just a few comments from people who have already responded to the survey:

“I am struggling to stay in work my mental health issues are so significant. The constant stress and instability of Universal Credit are becoming unbearable.”

“When I first claimed Universal Credit I had to fill in the form online 4 times because they kept saying they hadn’t received it. I had no money for almost 3 months and when it was finally sorted I got 5 weeks money. Essentially leaving me with nothing for almost 2 months. They wouldn't do anything about it and said it’s the rules.”

“I have continued to lose at least £400 every month since moved to Universal Credit. I’m still not receiving the top up I’m entitled to for working and am at risk of homelessness.”

Help Unite the union's campaign against Universal Credit by completing their survey at: