Senior Campaign Manager

World Basic Income are recruiting.

Jobs | 16.03.23

World Basic Income is seeking a Senior Campaign Manager for 3 days per week to co-lead their major climate justice initiative and contribute to the wider global justice work of the organisation.

World Basic Income exists to develop new thinking, build a movement and campaign for action on global redistribution including via global universal basic income and international carbon dividends. 

They are looking for:

“... a proactive and experienced individual to support the ambitious work of the organisation, including a major strand of work focused on climate justice which will involve network-building and campaigning for global carbon cap and share. The candidate will work closely with the Executive Director to build and maintain effective networks, drive forward World Basic Income’s campaigns, develop our comms activities and run the organisation.”

To find out more about the role, and to apply visit:

The deadline for applications is Saturday 1st April.