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Raising the Bar II - November 2018

What should best practice care look like for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities?

Last year’s Raising the Bar conference saw parents and practitioners from around the UK come together to launch the new Core and Essential Service Standards for Supporting People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

This year at Raising the Bar II, brought to you by Thomas Doukas, Ann Fergusson, Michael Fullerton and Joanna Grace, you will be able to hear about the progress of the Standards.

The Conference will take place on Friday 2 November at the University of Birmingham and will be of particular interest to families, carers and those people working in education, health and social care to support people with PMLD.

Attendees will be able to engage with inspirational speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, and to attend a rich array of workshops throughout the day to further develop their skills and abilities in supporting people with PMLD.

To view the programme and to book your place please visit: