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People based development - January 2018

An exciting opportunity to attend this renowned international course with Manavodaya in India.

People based development is a process that builds on people’s own capacity and resources.

It is sustainable and replicable:

  • People based development is practical and works with marginalized groups of people including the very poor and illiterate and those with mental health problems or disabilities;
  • The process can be initiated among people using outside facilitation;
  • There is much rhetoric surrounding the subject. Successful facilitation of people based development calls for a clear vision and strategy as well as a suitable attitude among practitioners.

The two-week study programme, based in a grassroots setting in India, explains how the process works and is tailored to people who wish to pursue meaningful intervention for social change, project administration or implementation in various international development projects, national social care or community development initiatives.

The course runs from 29 January to 10 February 2018.

To find out more please contact: 

Varun Vidyarthi, Programme Director
Manavodaya Institute of Participatory Development

Email: varunvidyarthi@gmail.com

Or visit: https://www.manavodaya.org