Pat's Petition Debate, House of Commons January 2013

Pat's Petition Debate in House of Commons in January 2013.

News | 10.12.12

Pat’s Debate – your support needed more than ever

After a year of very hard work and wonderful encouragement from friends and supporters Pat’s Petition closed with over 62,600 signatures. Pat's Petition then sent an open letter to Liam Byrne and now:

"Pat's Petition are delighted to announce that all the effort succeeded and we have a result.

Liam Byrne has been in touch and the Labour Party are holding an Opposition Day Debate in the Commons based around Pat’s Petition. This means the debate will take place in the Chamber at the House of Commons with Ministers and front benchers as well as back benchers.

So fantastic news – Pat’s Petition is moving to Pat’s Debate. Tell everyone – shout, sing, tweet using hashtag #PatsDebate. Let’s shake this government into listening to us at last."

The debate will probably take place some time in January with not much notice. Please follow the link below for more information:

Or contact Pat's Petition directly by email: