Open Letter to the Residents of Handforth Parish

Peter Macfadyen from the Flatpack Democracy Movement encourages the people of Handforth to take control of their own Parish Council.

Action | 05.02.21

An online emergency planning committee meeting has caught the public's attention on social media. The meeting of Handforth Parish Council in Cheshire descended into chaos as councillors traded insults and removed each other from the session.

Peter Macfadyen, former Mayor of Frome and founder of Flatpack Democracy has written an open letter to residents of Handforth Parish.

Dear frustrated people of Handforth

We understand how embarrassing it must be to be suddenly thrown into the national spotlight by the actions of a few members of your parish council. Local politics is far too often a comedy of errors.

If it’s any consolation, you are not alone; we at the Flatpack2021 campaign sadly have seen many examples of such behaviour from up and down the country.

Take it from us: it doesn’t have to be like this.

We at Flatpack2021 believe that a council should reflect and represent all the people in the area, not just the same old Brians and Barrys. We believe that by working together, free of party politics, a parish council can achieve amazing things. We’ve seen it happen, again and again.

A parish council is the basic building block of democracy. It has wide-ranging powers to make lives better for its residents. If you want examples of the excellent work that can be done by town and parish councils, just take a look at what places like Frome and Buckfastleigh have achieved. There are many more like them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sure that, as a parish, you have come together in ways you might never have before, in order to do what is best for your residents. Why not build on that success, take over your parish council and continue this fine work?

It can be done – it has been – many times and in many places. If you think your community could do a better job of running your council, and if you want support or advice from the people who have done it before, visit the Flatpack 2021 website or, better yet, contact us now.

We’re with you,

Peter Macfadyen, author and former Mayor of Frome

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