Open Letter to Prime Minister opposing ESA cut

Ekklesia, backed by the Centre for Welfare Reform, have published an Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister opposing the further cut in incomes to disabled people.

News | 04.04.17

The think-tank Ekklesia has sent an open letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May calling on her to use her powers to reverse a savage cut in Employment and Support Allowance, one which will even further reduce the incomes of disabled and chronically sick people.

The Centre for Welfare Reform has fully backed Ekklesia's letter and Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre says:

"Disabled people have been the number one target for cuts since the Coalition Government of 2010. The United Nations recently called on the UK Government to reverse cuts which are in direct breach of human rights and our international obligations. Instead the Prime Minister has made even deeper cuts to the incomes of disabled people. It is astonishing that the Prime Minister thinks these policies are consistent with the beliefs of Christianity."

Over 50 clergy, charity workers, academics and disability advocates - including Terry Waite and two bishops - have signed the letter.

Read the letter in full (pdf) here.

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