Nudge Unit finds Welfare Conditionality is flawed

The government's Nudge Unit has found that the Welfare Conditionality policy promoted by Government is counter-productive.

News | 20.10.16

The Government's own Nudge Unit has told the Government that its own policy of pushing people into work is actually counter-productive.

The Independent reports: "“There is evidence that welfare conditionality in the UK – mandatory behavior requirements such as attending meetings with work coaches or providing repeated evidence of disability in order to receive benefits – is associated with anxiety and feelings of disempowerment,” the policy unit said in a report released on Thursday."

Read the full article in the Independent here:

The Behavioural Insights Team have published the report at:

Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"It is ironic but welcome that the part of Government designed to manage citizen behaviour by nudging us into positive behaviour has noticed that the bullying behaviour of Government is counterproductive. Let us hope that this is a sign that Government may start to end its paternalistic commitment to conditionality based policies."