No Labels No Walls Festival 2022

This year's Festival will take place in November - how will you be taking part?

Event | 28.03.22

This year's No Labels No Walls CitizenFest, hosted by The Strindberg Laboratory, is focused on transformation and how we can change the world around us. 

Dates: 3rd to 4th November 2022

The Festival will be happening both locally in person and globally online. Your action can be a performance, music, theatre, poetry, photos, movies, art, circus, speech, debate, workshop or something else. 

Your event can happen at the Festival or during 2022 anytime. Just make a recording or an exhibition and we will show it at the festival. We ask you to come to reflect and talk about your action at the Festival. 

Let's join forces and create transformational actions around the world!

To begin please fill in the questionnaire at:

No Labels No Walls are meeting regularly online in the run up to the Festival so please join them for their next Action Monday meeting on 19 September at 9am PST, 7pm EET, 5pm BST on Zoom here:

For more details about No Labels No Walls visit: