Network Coordinator

An opportunity to join Opus Independents and help Citizen Network develop two key networks.

Jobs | 02.03.23

An exciting opportunity to join Opus Independents a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Sheffield, established in 2008, projects include Now Then Magazine, Festival of Debate, Opus Distribution and UBI Lab Network. 

In particular this job will help Citizen Network develop two of its key networks:

UBI Lab Network - growing support for the idea of basic income to provide universal economic security

Neighbourhood Democracy Movement - supporting the emergence of democratic power at the neighbourhood level

The role will involve:

“Working to build, maintain and weave together multiple networks as part of a not-for-profit working towards collaborative and co-created solutions to the complex polycrisis we currently face – this is no small job, but it is a challenging and rewarding opportunity for someone with a drive for social change and experience in facilitation to make a difference within international movements.

“Although there is an administrative element to this role, much like a gardener supports plants to produce beautiful flowers, the network coordinator focuses on supporting the motivations of the participants, connecting people with each other, and fostering collaborations across networks. Rather than “leading the charge” and directing others, the network coordinator often works behind the scenes creating the conditions for group flourishing.

“To that end, we are looking for an organised and motivated individual who is comfortable holding uncertainty and ambiguity, can navigate tension with compassion and a people-centred approach, and who empowers others and actively works to remove barriers to participation.”

Find out more and apply at:

The deadline for applications is Monday 27th March.