NDIS Review Publish Final Report

NDIS Review has published its final report calling for widespread and profound reforms to the current system.

News | 10.12.23

Earlier in 2023 Citizen Network Research, working with Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) submitted a report into the independent NDIS Review. The NDIS Review have now published their final report: ‘Working together to deliver the NDIS’ which shares 26 recommendations and 139 actions to change the system that supports people with disability in Australia.

NDIS Review states:

“Our recommendations provide a blueprint to renew the promise of the NDIS and deliver a more accessible and inclusive Australia. 

“We want all governments to commit to creating a unified ecosystem. The NDIS should be one part of a big system that supports people with disability.

“The disability system must be looked after as a whole. This will deliver better outcomes for people with disability in a more responsive and cost effective way.

“In our Review, we engaged with people with disability, their families, carers and providers and workers. Our recommendations reflect the thousands of voices we heard from.

“Now, more than ever, we call on you to Work together to deliver the NDIS. The NDIS is not sustainable without major reforms. And without sustainability there is no certainty.

“Our proposed reforms are the best way to ensure sustainability while also achieving a much fairer system. A system of support for all people with disability, not just those in the NDIS.”

Read the News in full on the NDIS Review website: https://www.ndisreview.gov.au/news/final-report-has-been-published

And, the read the recommendation at: https://www.ndisreview.gov.au/resources/reports/working-together-deliver-ndis/preface/recommendations-and-actions

Dr Simon Duffy, whose work is cited in the NDIS Review said:

“The NDIS Review is a further positive step on Australia's journey to become one of the best places in the world for people with disabilities. As the Review recognises, the old version of the NDIS had many problems, but ambition was not one of those problems. Today Australia is on course to address those problems and create better solutions, in partnership with people with disabilities. There is still work to do and lots of details to work through. Perhaps all groups will be both excited and challenged by some of the Review's conclusions. Inevitably, ending the unsustainable trajectory of the old system will create some fear. But from a global perspective Australia's ambition and commitment should be commended. Australia continues to set the bar high for disability rights.”

DANA also reported the news, read their statement at: https://www.dana.org.au/ndis-review-agrees-advocacy-plays-a-crucial-role/

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