My Mummy Is Autistic

A new picture book and guide about recognising and understanding difference.

News | 23.11.20

Joanna Grace of The Sensory Projects and her young son Heath Grace have had their first book together published. 

Joanna explains:

“I was diagnosed autistic aged 36. Aged 5 my son wrote a book about me. Chris Packham kindly wrote a foreword for it. Routledge have published it making Heath the UK's youngest published author! It explains and celebrates our differences, focusing predominantly on the language processing differences I experience.”

In the book Heath explains why his mother’s brain understands words at a different rate than his own, and how they communicate in spite of their differences. Heath's drawings add bold and vivid colour to the words, as you can see below. Heath’s work is accompanied by explanatory notes exploring Joanna’s own experience of autism and language.

Publishers, Routledge are offering a 20% discount on the book using the code BSM20.

Read more and buy your copy via the publisher here.