Mapping Sheffield's Neighbourhoods

Let's grow citizen power - help us name and map the neighbourhoods of Sheffield.

Action | 17.11.23

Citizen Network Research, with the support of local mapping expert Tom French, and NHS Sheffield are launching a project to help strengthen the role of our neighbourhoods in the life of the city. Neighbourhoods are essential building blocks for citizens to take action and build communities that work for all of us. 

We must start by acknowledging that neighbourhoods are real things. Neighbourhoods matter and we need to be able to name neighbourhoods and see them on a map. 

So we have created an interactive way for all people in and around Sheffield to tell us what neighbourhoods are meaningful to them, and in what ways.

Start mapping here:

We will also be holding some face to face events in the near future so that we can replicate this process for people who prefer to engage in a different way. Watch this space.

As you can imagine we’re keen to understand many different views, ensuring we are as inclusive and representative as possible. To do this, it would be great if you were able to do one or more of the following four things:

  1. Use the tool yourself!
  2. Share the link through your networks or online channels and support us to get opinions from all areas and communities of Sheffield.
  3. Support people to use or talk about the tool through your work, volunteering or social connections.
  4. Tell us if you are open to hosting one of our face to face events.

Thank you in advance —we're looking forward to continuing these conversations.

We hope it’s clear why we’re trying to do this and the opportunities it presents, but just shout if we can clarify anything for you. 

If you have any questions please contact Tom French directly.