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Mapping SDS around the world

Citizen Network is working with the European SKILLS project to identify the extent to which self-directed support is being adopted in different countries around the world.

We are now seeking to identify people around the world who would like to help map progress on self-directed support in their own country. In particular we are looking for:

  • People with disabilities or family members who know how the current system works
  • Academics, researchers or policy leaders who are involved in self-directed support
  • Professionals with a commitment to human rights and citizenship

If you would like to take part in this international research please fill in the questionnaire at: http://bit.ly/mapping-sds

Your answers will help to develop an atlas of self-directed support which will be published in draft form for discussion in 2018 and then revised for final publication in 2019.


Self-Directed Support

Self-Directed Support

This paper has been written as part of the SKILLS Project to begin the development of an international exploration of best-practice.