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Made Possible - Appeal for funding

The first ever mainstream, non-academic, non-professional book about and by people with learning disabilities published in the UK.

Have you ever heard a person with a learning disability talk about their talent, or share the secret of their success?

No. That’s why Made Possible needs to be published.

There are 1.5m people with learning disabilities in the UK today but our society – media, politicians and the public – barely gives them lip service. If ever learning disabled people do get a mention, they are usually talked about as scroungers who are a burden on the state, or superhumans who have triumphed over adversity.

This new book will challenge the current narratives.

Your help is needed to get the book published!

Please visit Unbound and pledge your support.

In the following film Saba Salman, the editor of the book, tells you more: