Lankelly Chase backs the Citizen Network community

LankellyChase Foundation provides funding to support the Citizen Network community.

Release | 28.04.22

We’re delighted to announce that the LankellyChase Foundation has provided 2 years' funding to support the Citizen Network community. Spread over two years and four projects the total grant comes to £280,000 and it will support:

Joe Doran from Lankelly Chase said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to be part of the Citizen Network and the wider ecosystem in which it grows. We were pleased to help the Centre for Welfare Reform make its transformation to Citizen Network Research and to help the thinking that has led to the creation of Citizen Network Osk, a new global non-profit cooperative. We’re excited to get behind all the amazing developments led by Opus, including the UBI Lab Network - which is one of the most dynamic anti-poverty movements around. Citizen Network is both local and global, this innovative network of networks acts in such a way as to both promote neighbourhood led change, through the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement, and to help influence change at a meta level - building in knowledge and practice from an incredible array of sources. These are solid and exciting developments, rooted in the Steel City of Sheffield, but extending around the world.”

James Lock of Opus Independents said:

“Working with Lankelly Chase - a funder who recognises the dependencies and entanglements across issues of systemic and collective concern is hugely exciting for us. And, given the existential context we find ourselves in, both in the UK and globally - it is a huge relief.

“The Citizen Network community of which Opus is a member and advocate offers tremendous opportunities to create responses from the local to the global and across issues of collective concern which cannot be solved in isolation.

“The time to act towards a paradigm shift and whole systems change is now. The emerging partnership and coherence between people, organisations, platforms and networks that this investment will support is I believe a critical example of how we can work together towards a just transition that is ecologically sustainable, that values all humans and celebrates our differences. A transition which enables us as a species to be better stewards of power for each other and the planet we all share.”

Simon Duffy of Citizen Network said:

“One potential funder of Citizen Network said we were too global and too local. I am so pleased that Lankelly Chase sees that this is exactly what we need to be to face the challenges ahead. Citizens need to be committed to local change, in their lives, their streets and in their neighbourhoods. But we also need to be able to connect globally and organise to push for the system changes that are essential to realise our full potential as human beings. We are so thankful and we look forward to further demonstrating the power of citizens in the years ahead.”

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