Global Commitment to Plastic Reduction

Truth About Plastic publish an open letter calling for an end to plastic production - sign it too.

Action | 23.04.24

In March 2022, 175 nations agreed to make the first legally-binding treaty on plastics pollution, including in the oceans, by the end of 2024.  

On 23 to 29th April 2024 in Ottawa, Canada negotiations will begin on the terms to be included in the global treaty. 

Truth About Plastic (formerly Plastics Rebellion) have published an Open Letter urging negotiators to immediately commit to global plastic reduction. Citizen Network is pleased to be one of the signatories. 

We, the undersigned, are NGOs, businesses and other representatives of global civil society. We are writing as advocates for many people and causes, united by a common concern.

The Global Plastics Treaty negotiations are a momentous opportunity for meaningful and lasting solutions to the plastics problem. Plastics pollution is fuelling the climate, ecological, and human health crises. By emulating the Montreal Agreement’s success with ozone-depleting chemicals, we can act before it’s too late.

We ask that you begin global action for control measures on plastic production. The approach we take must bring us to sustainable levels of production and consumption. These must be concordant with planetary boundaries, while protecting environmental and human health, as well as biodiversity and human rights.

The approach means setting a global target, implemented through internationally agreed national targets and reductions. There will need to be a strong definition of primary plastic polymers, an ambitious baseline, an effective licensing scheme, and mandatory national reporting. A dedicated independent body established by the treaty should oversee reduction, and be empowered to implement compulsory monitoring and reporting obligations.

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