Festival of Debate 2022

It's time to submit your ideas for the programme of events in 2022.

Action | 17.11.21

The Festival of Debate is the largest annual politics festival in the UK, taking place every spring across South Yorkshire.

Next year's Festival of Debate will take place between 19th April - 29th May 2022 and it's now time to submit your ideas for the programme of events.

The deadline for event submission is 17th December 2021. 

The Festival of Debate team comments:

“Our decisions will be based on a desire for a wide-reaching programme, with a diverse range of speakers and topic areas that speak to the key social, economic and political issues of the day. Although the programme can and should include elected members, all events should be topic based as opposed to being party political.

“Thank you for your interest in being part of Festival of Debate. It couldn't happen without you.”

Submit your ideas on the Festival of Debate 2022 event form here.

Find out more about the annual Festival of Debate at: