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Exploring true citizenship - August 2017

Simon Duffy and Kate Fulton will be running a 2-day workshop on citizenship theory and practice in partnership with the Jeder Institute.

It’s not just about individualized funding!

Simon and Kate have led practical work on advancing citizenship in the UK and Australia and are now developing an international cooperative to achieve citizenship for all – Citizen Network.

The workshop will explore the true meaning of citizenship and what we can do to make it real:

  • What true citizenship means – both the 7 keys to citizenship and its internal dimensions
  • Discover stories and practical innovations achieved in order to make citizenship real
  • Explore planning and design processes that can help you discover good supports for yourself or for those you serve
  • Examine international evidence and debate on systems for enabling citizenship and empowering support
  • Take time to plan together to create personal and local strategies for advancing citizenship for all

Join Kate, Simon and the Jeder Institute on 10th and 11th August in Burwood, New South Wales.

To buy tickets and register for the event please visit: