Everyday Citizenship: Pre-orders open

The new and accessible follow up to the ‘Keys to Citizenship’, will be published on 9th January 2024.

News | 10.11.23

Everyday Citizenship is available to order now from publisher Red Press. Written by Wendy Perez and Simon Duffy, edited by Clare Tarling and featuring illustrations by Ester Ortega, this book helps you ask the right questions so you can find the answers that are right for your life.

It shows you the path to finding meaning, making a home, managing your money, and filling your life with love, support and freedom.

Once you hold the keys to your life in your hands, you can make bold choices and follow your dreams. No dream is too small or too big. See what you can achieve, and don’t ever stop!

We are all equal. We are all different. We are all citizens.

Being a citizen means making your own choices about how to live life to the fullest.

“In these pages citizenship is a form of action. Acting as a citizen takes courage. There are risks to consider and obstacles to face. For each key to a good life, actions to try and warnings to heed, to guide our steps. Stories from Wendy's life encourage us. Ester's illustrations energize us. The meaning and usefulness of this book grows as we act on its message. We will return to it again and again as our journeys continue.” 

John O'Brien

Everyday Citizenship is the follow up to Simon Duffy's earlier book Keys to Citizenship. Everyday Citizenship is beautiful and accessible. It expands the original six keys of citizenship to seven and brings each to life with stories and images.

Preorder your copy now at: https://redpress.co.uk/products/everyday-citizenship-seven-keys-to-a-life-well-lived