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Citizen Network Greece at IASSIDD

Citizen Network was asked to run a workshop at the 5th IASSIDD European Congress in Athens in July 2018.

This was a great opportunity for grass-roots activists and community organisations from Citizen Network Greece to share their practical experience of tackling exclusion and building a world of equality at the IASSIDD (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) conference.

Thanks to Vasilis Kalopisis, Coordinator for Citizen Network Greece who organised the content of the event and Thomas Doukas, of Citizen Network England and an IASSIDD member who enabled the event to take place. Thanks also to Alice Schippers, President of IASSIDD Europe, for all her support.

Citizen Network group members SKEP, Myrtillo, i-living and Margarita participated in the event, describing their ongoing work in Greece to promote citizenship.

You can view the presentations and films shown on the day:

  • Citizenship – Simon Duffy
  • Respect – Vasilis Kalopisis
  • Co-production – Thomas Doukas
  • Social enterprise – Myrtillo
  • Education – SKEP
  • Employment – Margarita
  • Independence – I-living

We also created a twitter moment to share the event, click the link to view: