Channel 4 Dispatches Survey: Disability Benefits

The Centre has helped to develop a survey to measure the impact of the DWP on disabled people's wellbeing.

Action | 20.07.21

Channel 4 is making a Dispatches programme on how the disability benefits process, as implemented by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), affects disabled people’s health and state of mind.

This survey aims to understand the impact of assessments and other interactions with both the contractors (Atos, Maximus, Capita) and the DWP on the mental and physical health of disabled claimants. We use the term ‘health’ to cover all aspects, both physical and mental. We are not asking for any specific details about your disability.

The survey contains straightforward questions with multiple choice boxes for answering and should only take 15 minutes of your time to complete.

Please note that this survey is only relevant to people living in England and Wales (the system of disability benefit assessments is different in Northern Ireland and Scotland).

Please complete the survey by the end of August at: