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Carl Poll Scholarship established

Manavodaya International was established by the late Carl Poll and colleagues, who were inspired by the incredible work of Manavodaya and Varun Vidyarthi and who wanted to help others in the world benefit from its learning and values.

Manavodaya International is now working in partnership with Citizen Network and the Centre for Welfare Reform to support the work of Manavodaya by granting Carl Poll Scholarships.

Carl Poll Scholarships have been established for people who want to attend the Manavodaya Institute in India to learn about the art of facilitation, but who lack the necessary resources.

Attendance at the Manavodaya Institute currently costs $1,200 for two weeks, and includes accommodation, food and local travel costs. However flights are not included in the fee.

Find out more about Manavodaya's work and for further information please email Pete Richmond.