Building Citizen Network Together

Join us in 2022 to plan the future development of Citizen Network. Registration open now.

Event | 08.12.21

Hello Citizen Network Member

We would like to invite you to join us and help in Building Citizen Network Together! We want to know what is your passion, your vision, your way of creating change in a world where everyone matters. 

We will open our virtual agora between the 31st January and 3rd February 2022. Each day we will have the same workshops, so have a look at which date and timezone work best for you and join us online. 

You can use this time zone convertor to see what time works for you:

America: Monday 31st January at 9am - 2pm (PST Vancouver Time)

Register at:

Europe & Africa: Tuesday 1st February at 9am - 2pm (GMT London Time)

Register at:

Asia-Pacific: Thursday 3rd February at 9am - 2pm (BST Dhaka Time)

Register at:

Why you should join us!

During the Building Citizen Network Together Sessions, you will not just join an ordinary conference or forum. We aim to use the advantages of the digital world to create change. 

We will use a Miro board to save and visualize our results in an appealing way. Further more we will also work with rooms to give you the chance for meaningful small group exchange instead of large audience talks. 

No matter if you are part of an organisation or joining in as an individual, the methods, tools and inputs at the event, will inspire you to inspire others! 

If you want to learn more about these tools, check out these links: and

What will happen at the event?

The Building Citizen Network Together event is divided into 3 sessions. You can join any session individually, but we recommend visiting ALL 3 to get the complete picture of the building process and to share your unique ideas.

1. Building Connections – Networking 2.0

Citizen Network has more than 800 people and 200 organisational partners on 6 continents. This event is your chance to connect with a vast variety of like-minded people around the globe. From organisations in your neighbourhood to people on the other side of the world we will make sure that you have enough possibilities to have a meaningful conversation in a nice and inspiring environment. 

But we do not want to stop with pleasant conversations. We aim to visualize and to create a map with all the people joining this event - creating a Citizen Network that is visible and helping you to connect with everyone you have talked to at the event. 

For this session, we will use the tool – check out this example to see how to use this beautiful tool is in practice:

2. Building Change – From Vision to Mission

We do not only want to think about change, we want to do change! This session is all about action and during it we will show you how our shared vision can become reality. We want you to tell us how we - Citizen Network - can support you in your endeavours as we work together to create change in the world. 

For this reason, we have invited Engagement Company Chief Consultant Christoph Hinske to join our session. Christoph has worked for clients like the European Chamber of Commerce, the Governments of New England and FSC. He will conduct a live modelling experience which will help you to get the bigger picture behind your work. After we clarify our vision, we will present the opportunities Citizen Network has to help you bring this vision into practice. There will also be an opportunity to get some one-on-one systemic coaching after the event. 

For more information about Christoph and his work, check out his LinkedIn profile:

3. Building Knowledge – Open Session

The final session is an open mic space and an opportunity for you - our brilliant members - to share your ideas and inspirations. Tell us about your work and present the best practice examples of the last years or give us input for a topic which could be interesting for all of us. Perhaps you have written a song or have a film to show us, or maybe you would like to recite a poem? Get in touch for a chat and to book your 30 to 45-minute slot. We see very few limitations for possible topics and are open to every contribution. 

In the next month we will upload a detailed schedule about the open session so watch this space!

If you would like to book a session contact us, email Julia at: