We think this video about Hatty is brilliant, help us to share it.

Action | 27.06.22

We think the video Being Hatty is so brilliant that it could change other peoples' lives - can YOU help us to share it?

You could:

It would be fantastic if you could contact anyone in your community who is interested in or leading on mental health, here's a message you could include:

“We'd love you to watch Being Hatty. Hatty lives with schizophrenia. For many years she had to cope with poor support and institutionalisation. Now, with the right support she's living a life of citizenship. More people with schizophrenia or complex disabilities could benefit from this kind of personalised support. Please get in touch with Citizen Network if you want to find out more.” 

You can watch the video and read Hatty's story in her own words here: bit.ly/beinghatty

Let us know what you've done - use #BeingHatty #citizennetwork in your posts. 

Or email us to tell us how you've shared Hatty's story.

Thank you Citizen Networkers!