Action Monday 2023

This year No Labels No Walls will be exploring the theme of Spaces, join them online every month.

Action | 27.01.23

This year No Labels No Walls is looking for spaces to create a sustainable, action focused network of people, groups and organizations around the world. 

We will be meeting online every month from a different space to explore people's creativity and share what's happening there and how we might learn from it.

Our first meeting this year came from Lapinlahti in Helsinki, Finland, here's what happened:

Join hosts Michael Bierman, Meri Pakarinen and Markus Vähälä - the meeting is in English (though some of us are bi-lingual) - it's free and is open to everyone. 

Action Monday is streamed live on social media and on Citizen Network TV on YouTube, view the playlist here.

Find out more about No Labels No Walls at:

No Labels No Walls is supported by The Strindberg Laboratory and Citizen Network.