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8 September - 13 October: Person-Centred Planning

The Jeder Institute with support from Citizen Network have brought together some of the leading thinkers and practitioners on person-centred planning from around the world: 

Purple Orange • Netzwerk Persönliche Zukunftsplanung • WAiS • The Learning Community for PCP • A Centre for Conscious Care • Future by Design • Starfire • Imagineer • HSA USA • Inclusive Solutions • In the Company of Others • SDA • Am I Flying Yet?

Join them for a series of practical discussions and reflections on person-centred planning.

The Wicked Wednesdays: Over The Hump Series will consider:

  • How do we rekindle Person Centred Practices in a Post Pandemic World?
  • How do we remember the soul of our work?
  • Has Person Centredness become systematised and lost its magic?
  • How do we shift injustices and design quality of life?
  • How do we build the bridge from serviced client to valued citizen?

And more… 

There will be 18 sessions (1.5hrs each) over 6 Wednesdays in 2 timezones:

On: Wednesday 8th September to Wednesday 13th October 2021

At: 7am & 7pm AEST and 10am EST

The events are ALL free although donations are welcome to support inclusion and accessibility.

To find out more take a look at the flyer here

And, to register to take part please visit:


If you would like more information please email: info@jeder.com.au