29 April: A New Way Home

Getting people out of institutions requires a commitment to self-direction for all. Hear from real experts in inclusion and deinstitutionalisation.

Event | 10.04.21

The guide A New Way Home maps out a range of tried and trusted methods for navigating the often difficult road home for many people with learning disabilities or others who have spent long periods in hospital or other inpatient settings.

“We hope individuals, families, public bodies and third-sector organisations will use this very practical guide to navigate the system NOW and bring an end to this human rights scandal.”

The guide looks in depth at:

These person-led, solution-focused approaches are at the heart of this new guide.

In this webinar the authors, John Dalrymple and Frances Brown, will explore:

Date: Friday 29 April
Time: 1:30 to 3pm BST

John Dalrymple and Frances Brown have lengthy experience of hospital closure programmes and the implementation of self-directed support in the context of services for people with learning disability in Scotland.

John and Frances are also the co-Founders of Radical Visions, a social care consultancy and advocacy service promoting citizenship and a human rights based approach to social work and soical care service delivery. They are both Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform and members of Citizen Network.

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