20 May: Growing Local and Global Networks for Citizenship

The Losing Control Network has invited CfWR, Opus Independents & Citizen Network to host an Open House, join us.

Event | 19.04.21

The Losing Control Network brings together a wide range of people and organisations who want to cooperate to create social change. The Centre for Welfare Reform, Opus Independents and Citizen Network have been invited by the Losing Control Network to host an Open House session to explore how to grow local / / global networks for citizenship.

The question: How can we move to a world where everyone is a full and equal citizen?

We think part of the answer is to intentionally network to identify and share problems, generate and share solutions and accelerate the momentum for social change. If you want to find out what's going on, share learning or get involved this is a great chance to make contact.

There will be six main sessions:

1. Global networks for citizenship – Markus Vähälä and Simon Duffy on Citizen Network a global cooperative

2. Securing our freedom – James Lock and Jonny Douglas on Opus Indpendents and the UBI Lab Network

3. Building new bridges – Catherine Hale and Stef Benstead on Chronic Illness Inclusion and Welfare Reform

4. Putting down roots – Angela Fell and Clive Tuck on the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement and Tumbledown Farm

5. Taking better care – Chris Watson and Glyn Butcher on Social Care Reform and Peer Support

6. Raising the flag – Kellie Woodley and Wendy Perez on Self-Advocacy and the Keys to Citizenship

Join us online:

Date: Thursday 20 May
Time: 3 – 5 pm

To register please visit: