19 November: Energy Independence for Community Empowerment

Exploring the collaborative practice of doing energy, community and economy for the good of all in Sheffield.

Event | 23.10.23

Join the Flourish Alliance UK with the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security to explore the collaborative practice of using energy, community and economy for the good of all in Sheffield.

The day will demonstrate how community energy can be used in the form of ‘Eco Zones’ - a new scalable vehicle for change, with the aim of establishing the first Eco Zone in the UK in South Yorkshire using the innovative ‘ONE Society’ legal design for tenure and investment.

Professor Elisabeth Holland a Pacific-based group Nobel Prize winner, leading the way in addressing the climate challenge, will also be giving a talk. 

As a Distinguished Research Fellow of ISRS (Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security, UCL) Professor Holland will bring to bear innovative energy economy tools to reimagine Sheffield as a network of living Eco Zones – a Sheffield Natural Grid.

Date: Sunday 19th November
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Sheffield University, Halifax Hall, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield S10 3ER

Further details of the day's Agenda and tickets are available via Action Network at: