16 April - 25 May 2024: Festival of Debate

The programme of events for this year's Festival is live, book your tickets now and join the conversation.

Event | 13.03.24

2024's Festival of Debate will take place in Sheffield from 16 April - 25 May.

“Founded in 2015 by Opus Independents, Festival of Debate creates opportunities to bring people together to share new ideas and lived experience that can help shape our understanding of the world. 

“Festival of Debate seeks to create a place where we are connected to each other, to our communities, to the institutions and new ideas that shape our lives and to conversations that start change.

“Our 2024 festival programme will be ‘blended’, with some events hosted in person and others online.”

The Festival strands this year are focused on:

Members of Citizen Network are excited to be taking part in several events during the festival, please join them if you can on:

10 May: Mapping Sheffield's Neighbourhoods 

16 May: What is Health? Peckham Experiment and Communities

18 May: Tackling Climate Change Using Systems Thinking

20 May: Book Launch — Human Flourishing: A Conceptual Analysis

22 May: Imagining Flourishing Neighbourhoods in Sheffield

22 May: It's Time for Everyday Citizenship

View the full calendar of events and book your tickets at: https://festivalofdebate.com