15 - 17 April: Global AIREA 2024

A retreat to connect people working on inclusion and equal citizenship from around the world.

Event | 01.03.24

Hosted by Fundación Inclusión y Apoyo Aprocor and MeWeAll the Global AIREA 2024 will take place in Madrid, Spain and will run from 15-17 April.

The AIREA process emerged as a framework for personal development and team collaboration building on the European person-centred planning community, building on the values of inclusion, and the pioneering work of John O'Brien, Beth Mount, Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forrest and Otto Scharmer. 

There have now been 19 AIREA events. But in 2024 there will be a big leap forward!

In partnership with Citizen Network, the new Global AIREA 2024 will not only work on personal and collective processes but also contemplate the system as a necessary agent of deep and generative transformations. 

Global AIREA 2024 will also apply the Seven Keys to Citizenship developed by Simon Duffy and Wendy Perez. Simon Duffy writes:

“Come and join us! AIREA was transformational for me, playing a key role in the development of Citizen Network. This is a chance for the global movement for inclusion and equal citizenship to find itself, for us to bring together different voices and perspectives around our shared values. As I know from my experience, our partners from Aprocor and Fundación Inclusión know how to create spaces where people can communicate without words and across languages. I am really looking forward to being there.”

Registration includes:

Total cost is 680€ per person, at early-bird rates. After February 29th 2024 the registration fee will be 860€.

If you want to register a team, for example two people, each person will pay 590€.

For people who have financial difficulties we will try to find alternatives so that it is not a barrier to entry. Please get in touch and we will evaluate the situation; this will depend on the sources of funding we can find for Global AIREA.

To find out more and register visit: https://inclusionyapoyoaprocor.org/agencia-de-transformacion-social/

If you have any questions please email Ester Ortega at Fundación Inclusión y Apoyo Aprocor.

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