Women at the Centre

Simon Duffy and Clare Hyde explore how WomenCentre achieves its astonishing outcomes.

Authors: Simon Duffy and Clare Hyde

The authors explore the astonishingly positive work of WomenCentre in tackling crime, domestic violence, mental illness and well-being for women and their families. The book describes the innovative approach taken by WomenCentre and sets out the results of research into its impact for women with the most complex needs.

Women at the Centre helps us to understand the tremendous difficulties facing the lives of many women and children in modern Britain:

WomenCentre helps women tackle these problems. It combines personalisation and collective community action to deliver some of the most powerful outcomes for women, families and the whole community:

Women at the Centre also explores the challenges faced by any innovative organisation. Government rhetoric suggests we are moving into a time where there might be real interest in local communities, the positive role of civil society and the value of social innovations. But the reality is the reverse. Even as this book was going to print WomenCentre faced a 41% cut in funding - from an already low level.

Women at the Centre describes the way in which the strength of local communities is being undermined - not by local government - but by centralised systems that are insensitive to the needs and values of local leaders.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Clare Hyde MBE


Director of Foundation for Families

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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