SDS Network Sponsorship

A guide to help generate sponsorship of the Self-Directed Support Network.

The newly established Self-Directed Support Network (SDS Network), coordinated by Citizen Network, seeks investment and support to advance self-direction worldwide.

Support Self-Direction

Self-Directed Support has been developing as a global movement for over 50 years. Its positive impact on people’s lives has been considerable, but resistance to change is also significant, and positive developments are often patchy and partial. In addition, most progress has been in the fields of health and disability supports, but there is powerful evidence that the principles and practice of self-directed support can usefully be applied in many other areas of life and society.

Until now there has been no organization to advance worldwide learning or to connect initiatives between every country and region. The SDS Network now brings together leaders and advocates from countries all around the world. In addition there are now country-specific networks emerging as part of SDS Network.

Sponsorship Levels

There are 3 different kinds of sponsorship to suit different needs:

  1. International Sponsorship Package - financial commitment made per month or annually 
  2. Country or State Sponsorship Package - financial commitment made per month or annually
  3. Support Sponsorship - provide at least 4 days per year practical or consultancy support

Sponsorship Benefits

As well as helping advance self-direction locally and worldwide, other benefits include:

To find out more please contact Citizen Network CEO Markus Vähälä directly

Handbook | 18.03.24

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