Romance, Relationships and Rights

This short film introduces the community theatre production Romance, Relationships and Rights created by and with self-advocates supported by the Community Living Society in British Columbia, Canada.

The full performance (watch below) was recorded in May 2019 and confronts misconceptions about adults with intellectual disabilities and challenges audiences to think differently about how we value, respect and support self-advocates’ rights to romance and intimate relationships.

“Whether or not people live with a disability or limitations, we all have the right to a relationship, to say no, to take action, and the right to friendships and to romance.”

Larissa Gunkel, Actor & Co-Creator

The production is based on research by the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship, more information about the research is available at:

Find out more about the Community Living Society at:

Film | 13.12.20

disability, Inclusion, intellectual disabilities, Canada, Film

Brian Salisbury


Video & photo coordinator for Citizen Network.

Rachelle Hole


Co-Director of the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship & joint coordinator of Citizen Network Canada