Rethinking Organisations

Support citizenship and community through organisations

‘A citizen is one who is willing to be accountable for and committed to the wellbeing of the whole. That whole can be a workplace, a community and nation or the earth. A citizen is one who produces the future, someone who does not wait, beg or dream for the future.’ 

Peter Block

Rethinking organisations is a project that is focused on the potential of organisations to support the active citizenship of people and communities. There is a growing community of organisations around the world exploring how they operate and organise themselves to really understand what it takes to help people thrive as citizens of our communities.

Rethinking Organisations is a project that is currently hosted by Citizen Network Australia.

There are a number of innovative interesting organisations who reject the notion that they are simply Support Providers who engage with consumers, but see themselves as community organisations who have a responsibility to work in a way that honours, respects and supports everyone’s citizenship – the people we support, people we employ and the communities in which we work.

Over the last few years Rethinking Organisations who are supported by WAIS have led 4 projects that bring interested organisations together to connect to ideas, examples and share our learning. 

You can read a summary (pdf) of the program here.

Rethinking Organisations is keen to progress and share our learning in the following areas:

Some of the organisations involved in Rethinking Organisations:

My Place
Tau Toko
Inclusion WA

In 2021 we aim to develop the global community through a virtual community of practice.

Please get in touch with Kate Fulton if you would like to find out more, email:


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Kate Fulton


Vice-Chair of Citizen Network Coop Supervisory Board

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