A Conversation about Polis with Crowd Wisdom Project

A Conversation about Polis with Crowd Wisdom Project

Watch: A Conversation About Polis With Crowd Wisdom Project. 

Crowd Wisdom Project share the story of Polis and how it has been used to run online conversations, both locally and internationally.

Founded by a British activist lawyer, Andy Gray, Crowd Wisdom Project are a non-profit organisation, trying to make the world a better place, one project at a time. ‘We believe that people are good. We believe that people want the best for their communities, for their workplaces and for their countries. By using the best survey technology – Polis – through crowds, we collate wisdom and find harmony.

The climate emergency demands that we all must make difficult compromises.’ Crowd Wisdom Project uses open source, copylefted machine-learning technology – Polis – to run online conversations. These facilitated conversations are living, breathing, thinking affairs, unlike all other survey tools before it. Polis has been used to seismic effect in Taiwan, revolutionising their decision-making, whilst quelling antagonism. (Taiwan certainly has much to teach us about responding to a pandemic.)

Andy is joined by Andy Paice who works as a consultant advising and supporting local authorities to empower and bring the public into decision making processes.

His role is to make sure that it’s not just people’s votes that count but also their voices. His work is to design, convene and facilitate fair, democratic processes to do just that. The goal every time is to find wise mutually beneficial solutions.

Film | 29.07.22

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