I Am Challenging Behaviour

Encouraging people to stand up against institutionalisation.

The #IAMchallengingbehaviour campaign has been described as a quiet revolution – join in!

It began with Twitter and Facebook conversations about the ‘challenging behaviour’ label being given to people with learning disabilities unjustly and a desire to stand side by side with people, who through no fault of their own were being prevented from getting a good life like everyone else because they had been labelled.

Nic Crosby of GatherBuildWork & I were going to get ‘I have Challenging Behaviour’ badges made so that people could wear one to show how ridiculous it was to label someone as ‘challenging’ when the behaviours described were those that we all share and demonstrate as anger, fear, anxiety and sadness.

It was the genius that is Professor Chris Hatton of Lancaster University who, during a Twitter debate, suggested a one word change and emphasis to ‘I AM challenging behaviour’. This gives the badge wearer the quiet power to go out, stand beside those wrongly labelled by others and challenge those whose behaviour is the real ‘challenge’ – the people and professionals whose behaviour stops other people getting the great life they deserve.

So the campaign was born in August 2017.

We have now distributed 1600 badges not just here in England, Wales and Scotland but also in the USA and Canada.

Badges are bought through donations from some amazing people, and distributed currently by me by hand – it’s becoming a small cottage industry from my dining room table!

If you’re interested in joining the campaign and would like a badge you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Join us and wear your badge with pride!


Sam Sly, Enough is Enough Time4Change!
Nic Crosby, GatherBuildWork

Project | 04.10.17

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Sam Sly


Freelance Regulation, Health & Social Care Consultant

Sam Sly


Freelance Regulation, Health & Social Care Consultant