How we Communicate

This is a quick guide for members on how we are communicating as a network.


We send out a regular newsletter - Network News - every month to ALL our members by email. 

Members can advertise their events in this newsletter by filling in our form at:

We also send out an occasional NewsFlash when we want to communicate important information briefly and quickly.

You can see past copies of all newsletters here.

Sharing and Connecting

We can help members share their projects, research and news through the Citizen Network newsletter, website and social media channels.

We are using our Citizen Network Slack Channel to communicate quickly and members are welcome to join us there.

Email Nicola at:

Social Media

We can also help members share their work on social media - if you include the Citizen Network handle in your posts we'll be able to spot them - so please use it!

You can find quick links to us on different platforms, in different countries via our linktree profile:


We use Eventbrite to publicise events we and our members are running, you can see current events here

We also regularly update our listings page on the website sharing in-person and online meet ups.

Please join us when you can!

Handbook | 03.01.21

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