How to use Twitter

How members can use Twitter to advance our work together.

Citizen Network uses the social media platform Twitter. 

In fact we use several accounts for different purposes:

The central Citizen Network account is @citizen_network

Citizen Network in North America is @citizennetnoram

Citizen Network in New Zealand is @cnetwork_nz

Citizen Network Research is @CitizenForward

SDS Network is @SDSNetwork

The UBI Lab Network is @UBILabNetwork

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement uses @DemeMove

Our work on Constitutional and Democratic reform is hared via @CitizenReform

Top tips for using Twitter

Twitter is a useful social media platform for sharing information quickly and potentially reaching a large audience. But like all social media platforms there are some tricks to learn and 

  1. Follow the Citizen Network twitter accounts above and they will follow you back.
  2. Tell people you are part of Citizen Network by adding the Citizen Network handle (@citizen_network) to your Twitter biography. 
  3. If you want Citizen Network to share your tweets then you must include our handle @citizen_network within the Tweet. This means we'll be notified and we can retweet it and share with all our followers.
  4. When you write a tweet try to add an image as people tend to notice tweets with images.
  5. When someone else puts your handle in a tweet then please retweet them this helps the other person and promotes solidarity between citizen Network members.
  6. Even better - engage with Tweets from Citizen Network and Citizen Network members by Replying and Quoting the Tweet. This shows people you are enthusiastic and engaged.
  7. Share content from the CN website - there’s lots of stuff and the images are great - tell people why you found something interesting - or let people know if you have a different perspective.
  8. Follow other Citizen Network members too.

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