Cumulative Impact Assessment

The UK govenment has imposed an ongoing austerity programme which targets cuts on disabled people and people in poverty

The Centre has worked for several years to calculate the cumulative impact of Government policy on the lives of disabled people. In particular the Centre has shown that policies implemented in the era of 'austerity' have severely targeted disabled people and people in poverty. Several analyses have been made the most of important of which are set out below:

A Fair Society? is a report published in 2013 which explores not only the size of the cuts, but also explores the reason why Government has chosen to target cuts on those least able to bear them.

Counting the Cuts is an accessible report published in 2014 using updated official data.

Further improvements to the analysis were made later in 2014 and a full data set, published using Google Spreadsheets was made available online.

The Director of the Centre, Simon Duffy, has also engaged in a long conversation with the office of Disability Issues, who continue to insist that it is impossible for them to carry out a cumulative impact assessment, but if they could they believe that it would be positive. Read the correspondence here.

Project | 04.01.16

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Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network