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We are a Coop

Citizen Network is a global non-profit cooperative movement, formed to create a world where everyone matters – where everyone can be an equal citizen.

We work together – locally and globally – to create welcoming communities for everyone and to form a powerful movement for change all around the world.

Citizen Network builds on all the great work of its many members to:

  1. Inspire action – by publishing stories, videos, pictures and information on its website, newsletter, and by using social media we help people find out what others have done.
  2. Connect people – by organising events, webinars and meetings we help people make friends allies and build a stronger community.
  3. Pool energy – by pooling resources, energy, money, information, skills and different methods we help each other be more effective.
  4. Collaboration – by working together to create new projects, research and campaigns we help change the world to achieve our share goal.

Join the Citizen Network Coop!

Are you ready to take your action to the next level? 

Do you want to collaborate globally and to advance citizenship together with others? 

Do you need a platform to enable local and global business, to fund and run a project or to create shared learning with international networks. 

Welcome to the Citizen Network Cooperative, a platform for change!

The Citizen Network is a not-for-profit cooperative. We create opportunities for the members' co-creation of profound global change for vital and equal citizenship. We are the international cooperative for the rest of us. If you share our values and you are willing to collaborate, use your skills and resources or use the coop services to enable the change. 

You are warmly invited to join!

The coop connects you to the other members for local and global action. We help you to identify new opportunities and expand your operation across communities and countries. We assist you in developing your capacity in terms of brand, strategy, inspiration, finances, training and technology. We help you in creating and executing institutional strategies on a global scale.

Citizen Network reaches over 30 countries, 194 organisations and 800 individuals all over the world. By joining the cooperative as a full member you get the full member benefits and access to the support and resources of the growing Citizen Network Coop community.

  • What is the change you want to see in the world? 
  • Let’s create the change together as a Citizen Network Cooperative!

You can apply for full membership by sending an email to the Coop's CEO Markus Vähälä

Tell us what goals you would like to reach through the coop? What kind of action are you planning to join or create using the coop? What skills and resources are you bringing to the coop? 

The membership is processed by the supervisory board of the cooperative that meets every month. 

Joining the cooperative as an individual or as an organisation costs €250. 

The membership share will be refunded if you want to leave the cooperative.