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Milena Johnová

Milena Johnová

Milena Johnová is the coordinator of Citizen Network Czech Republic.

Milena has almost 25 years of experience in different community services, in the Czech Republic. In the first half of the nineties, she participated in the first Czech project of personal assistance and within non-governmental organization RYTMUS, she initiated the first project of supported employment.

Within the Ministry of Welfare and Social Issues, Milena led the project for the development of quality standards and inspection in the field of social services. After leaving the Ministry in 2003, Milena co-founded non-governmental organization Quip where she worked as director.

Milena will be involved in Citizen Network through Quip, which strives to implement innovative forms of support for people with disabilities through field-testing of new approaches, generalization of experiences followed by training of professionals in the social field and influencing policy and legislative processes.