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Citizen Network is a cooperative – we bring individuals, groups and organisations together to work as part of a global movement for equality and justice.

Citizen Network is growing and we expect our organisation to evolve as we develop. Currently we have three kinds of members:

  1. Individual membership
  2. Group membership
  3. Coop membership

Individual Members

Any individual can join Citizen Network for free.

Group Members

Any group, association or organisation can join Citizen Network for free.

Group members must appoint a suitable link person who will:

  1. Pass on information from Citizen Network to members of their group
  2. Share useful information from their group with Citizen Network
  3. Look for opportunities to work with other members of Citizen Network

Coop Members

Coop members make a financial contribution to join Citizen Network Cooperative and must work in accordance with the Cooperative rules.

Citizen Network Coop is registered in Helsinki Finland.

If you want to find out more and join Citizen Network Coop please contact the Coop CEO Markus Vähälä.