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Coop Services

The Citizen Network Cooperative is focused on creating citizenship for all. We can support your goals by offering services and platform for local and global change. You can join the action and projects and we can make change happen together. 

We offer systemic tools, networks, training and consultation for co-design, co-development and co-creation as an international cooperative. As a coop member you get access to our digital platforms, data and analysis services and funding opportunities.

Read about our projects here and join today!

Does your organization need a companion to make your local success global? Do you need training, consultation or networks on themes like:

  • Citizenship
  • Disability
  • Mental health
  • Self-directed support
  • Sustainability
  • People based development
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Systemic and community change
  • International funding
  • Digital platforms
  • Community media
  • Online festivals and events
  • Cooperatives

We offer our services to non-members too! The cooperative is here for you. 

Just contact our CEO Markus Vähälä.

Read more about what we do:

Centre for Welfare Reform - a think tank working to advance social policy to advance citizenship for all 

SDS Network - a global community focused on developing self-directed support

UBI Labs Network - a network to advance the case for basic income

CitizenFest - a growing global movement of festivals to celebrate human diversity and equality