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Style guide

This page contains useful information about the content on the Citizen Network website. It is where the editors keep track of important information and gives help to any contributors who are providing content to the site.


Citizen Network is for an international audience who use many different languages. It is translated using Google Translate. Text for the core website needs to be provided in English (any variant, UK, US etc.) but should be:

  • Clear – you should not use complicated words of complex grammar
  • Short – you should point people to longer pieces elsewhere if necessary


Images are important.

We can include images in pages and every page will have a featured image.

Featured images for posts are 800 px × 450 px

Front page images are 1300 px x 460 px


to be completed


to be completed


Introductory text uses Heading 4

Normal text is paragraph

Normal heading size is Heading 3

Post title and subheadings within posts – First letter of phrase only in capitals