Iiro Jussila

Chair, Creative Code Oy

Iiro Jussila is a Coop expert and until recently was a Citizen Network Coop Supervisory Board Member.  

I am honored to be part of this global effort to create a more just and fair world. I have studied management and governance of co-operative organizations for more than a decade, served on the supervisory board of a major mutual insurance company and the supervisory board of a regional consumer co-operative, and also worked as the Managing Director of a member-based organization. It is the above experience and expertise that I bring to this co-operation.

The co-operative model is a great tool for the digital era. We need a global platform to connect people, to pool resources, and to co-create a better world. Sustainability of our societies requires that no-one is left behind. Let’s make Citizen Network Co-operative the force that will help us reach this goal.

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