Damian Bridgeman

Social and business entrepreneur and government advisor

Damian has experience working with government and corporate organisations to bring long term sustainable, transformational change. Some of the organisations Damian has worked with include Welsh and UK government, Google, Microsoft, NHS Wales, and NHS England among others. He is currently working with Facebook to help test and design their new business collaboration platform. In all these organisations Damian has managed to meet and exceed targets, and to improve value and customer experience.

One of Damian’s proudest achievements is being one of the contributors and advisers for the Social Services and Wellbeing Legislation 2014 and the Companion Act Regulation and Inspection Bill 2016. Both pieces of legislation were ground-breaking and the most significant social services reforms in Wales for many years. He has also worked with the four medical Royal Colleges in designing the curriculums for senior practitioners in healthcare management for the National School of Healthcare Science.

Damian has also been asked by Qualifications Wales to contribute to the redesign of qualifications and core competencies in the new suite of qualifications for health and social care staff. Damian has been a non-exec director for Social Care Wales since 2013. One of the other pieces of work Damian has led upon has been the promotion of direct payments and getting direct payments to have a significant role to play in the Social Services Wellbeing legislation. 

Damian is a speaker on the international stage around disability and service user engagement and most recently was asked to speak on sepsis at the Westminster Health Forum. Damian is also the joint founder of consultancy firm Executive Coaching 365.  

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